3 Shocking Reasons Why Online Searches For Commercial Real Estate Don’t Work

Let’s face it; we live in a digital age where the Internet has a tool for everything. And while that can be liberating, it can also create blind spots! So when using online searches, keep these important factors in mind before committing yourself to a lease which may ultimately may not be the right fit for you and your business.

1. There’s no personal touch

It’s a good idea to do some cursory online searches to have an idea of what you’re looking for, but few things in life can beat having your own agent working for you, digging up the best possible spaces for your business to grow. While people often cite convenience as a factor for solely using online searches, they forget that an agent is here to fit your tailor-fitted needs as well! And that’s not even mentioning some of the amazing tips and tricks they can give you, like saving money during negotiations.

2. Online searches aren’t made for your specific needs

It should come with little surprise that online searches aren’t great at helping businesses address specific needs. Not every online search is created equal; some dropdown menus only include irrelevant options, some searches are very limited in the options they list, and others are far too general and don’t provide the nuanced look of the commercial real estate market your business may need.

3. Some of the best options aren’t even listed online

Sometimes who you know does truly pay in dividends! A great agent may know of awesome spaces to lease before they make it to online listings, and in some cases, many excellent deals never even get posted online. Why compromise for that overpriced dinky hole-in-the-wall when an agent may know of the perfect place for your business to call home?
Don’t get us wrong; online searches are a necessary evil when doing your initial research. But if online commercial real estate searches are all you rely on, your competition could be the ones making money in your dream location.