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US Office Vacancy Rate and 2017 Outlook – What It Means For You

Commercial real estate tycoons, get your wallets ready; the national office vacancy rate has officially declined to 15.7 percent! According to real estate research firms such as Reis Inc., this is the lowest office vacancy rate the US has seen since the second quarter of 2009. While this sounds good, what exactly does this mean for those investing in commercial real estate? It means that commercial real estate is increasing in demand! As employment rates and the economy, in general, continue...

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3 Shocking Reasons Why Online Searches For Commercial Real Estate Don’t Work

Let’s face it; we live in a digital age where the Internet has a tool for everything. And while that can be liberating, it can also create blind spots! So when using online searches, keep these important factors in mind before committing yourself to a lease which may ultimately may not be the right fit for you and your business. 1. There’s no personal touch It’s a good idea to do some cursory online searches to have an idea of what you’re...

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Medical Office Space Lease Negotiation Tips: What Landlords Don’t Want You to Know

As is true in every business, location can determine whether your medical practice will be a massive success or a nightmarish blunder. Landlords know this and will do everything they can to wring money out of a potential tenant for an ideal space. So to get the perfect location for a medical office space without being taken advantage of, learn these quick tricks before your next negotiation. Secure the Option to Renew in Writing Want to lock down your piece of prime real...