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Medical Office Space in Dallas

The needs of medical facilities & organizations are often difficult to meet. Finding the appropriate space for the needed technology, filing, records and patients can be as important as finding the right location. A convenient, functional space is necessary and can be found quickly if the right questions are being asked. Combing through listings and trying to filter out what you don’t want can take precious time away from finding what you do want.

Advancements in the field of medicine have made more healthcare facilities available to people. This has increased the demand for medical office spaces. Medical office spaces are quite different from other office spaces because they require facilities such as consultation rooms, rooms for various procedures, a separate reception area, space for storing medical files, and more specialized areas.

Although there are options for rent and lease agreements, most medical center owners look to lease these spaces as their needs may grow as the business changes.

Keep these factors in mind while selecting a medical office space in the Dallas area:


The location of your medical center plays a key role in its success. It is important to choose a location that is closer to supporting business like test labs, pharmacies, and therapy providers. Pay attention to accessibility concerns such as traffic patterns, parking, ramp access for wheelchairs, and protected patient drop-off areas.

Patients and Services You Support

You should be clear about the types of patients you are catering to and locate your medical center in an accommodating area of town. While elite patients seeking boutique procedures prefer lavish medical facilities, more traditional services and general needs patients will be served by a more practical facility and location.

Competitor Analysis

Just like any other business, when setting up a medical center in Dallas it is essential to have insightful knowledge regarding your direct competitors and possible partnership opportunities. It is recommended that you opt for a rent or lease location that separates you from your competitors to grow your own business organically.

Understand your space requirements

Traditional medical centers required more space for file storage etc. However, electronic file storage systems have reduced the need for secured hard data storage. Whether you need a physical therapy gym or an outpatient surgical center, it is alwayspractical to consult a professional to make sure your space will fit your design.
Once you are clear about what type of medical center you want to set up, all you need to do is connect with the professional real estate agents at Macy Newman! We will find the best medical office space for rent and lease in Dallas based on your requirements!

At your initial consultation, we will ask questions that will help us narrow down the right space for your new office so your time isn’t wasted on sorting through locations that don’t suit your needs.

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