Office Space

What Your Office Space Says About You

Communication coaches often instruct their students on what and how to say certain things, but usually overlook an important aspect of communication – space, specifically office space. How you choose to present your domain speaks volumes not only about your work style, but also what kind of person you are.

Anywhere But Here – pictures and objects from your favorite hobby litter the room; whether it’s fishing, golfing, or birdhouse building, the evidence is everywhere. While elements of your hobby can be a great way to break the ice, it also serves as a distraction to not just your clients or co-workers, but even you!

A Communal Space? – need some candy or an aspirin? Maybe a seat on the comfy couch? These are all invitations for people to linger and hang out in your office, even if you don’t necessarily want them to stay. In addition professor Sam Gosling, author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, says pictures of people like your family members signal an extroverted workspace which people will feel comfortable spending time in.

Don’t Come In Here – if your desk faces away from the door, files are everywhere, and there is little to no decoration, people will get the message to stay out of your hair.

Respect Me – degrees on the wall, awards lining your shelves, and pictures of you with important people will tell people that you wish to be respected and taken seriously.

Run Away – while it’s been said creative people have messy desks, make sure to clean your desk before an important client comes in, because it will also make you look incompetent. Just remember to throw away your lunch from last week and organize those stacks of files!