Don’t Forget This Critical Detail On Leasing Commercial Office Space

There are numerous details you need to think about when leasing commercial office space. From natural light to parking, it is hard to remember every tiny detail. However, one critical but forgotten detail that soon-to-be tenants often forget is building signage.

Negotiating building signage before signing the lease is very important. Often times, the landlord doesn’t allow signage simply for appearance purposes or if there is too many tenants and no room.

Why is signage important?

The most obvious reason is so potential and current customers can find your office. Signage is even more important if you are in the medical field. Not only does the lack of signage make it hard for patients or customers to find you, your practice can also lose credibility. In the long run, your business will grow as well as your revenue.

How to negotiate signage

If the landlord allows signage you need to be sure to get it. Unfortunately, most landlords don’t have a system for determining which tenants get signs and which don’t. Most landlords give signage to the first tenant that leased or the one that leases the largest amount of space.

In order to negotiate your signage, ask if you can sign a longer lease in return or even lease a little bit more space in order to obtain signage. Before negotiating, be sure to have an idea of what you want it to look like, how big and where you would like it. If you do earn signage, you will often be charged for the installation and removal as well so be sure to keep this in mind.

Office space signage comes in many shapes and sizes but it is critical that your business has some form of signage especially if you are a medical office. Not only will this give you visibility, you will gain monetary value down the road.