The Demands For Warehouses Space Rises

As more people go online to shop for clothes, household items and even groceries, the demand for warehouse space rises. People are doing almost all of their shopping online which results in a need for more warehouse space to store products.

This higher demand for warehouses is great news for commercial realtors. According to CBRE, companies such as FedEx, MARS Petcare, and other large brands were among some of the largest warehouses leases.

With the increase in e-commerce, warehouse needs increase rapidly. Without a place to store products, how can big companies sell online?

It has been estimated that e-commerce retailers are requiring more than three times more warehouse space than regular retailers. This leave a huge space for opportunity for warehouse landlords.

This spike in warehouses being leased can also be linked to population growth. With more people around to shop online, the need for warehouse space increases.

Commercial real estate and the right warehouse space can be hard to find. Most companies require a certain number of square footage, parking and interstate access. Realtors and landlords should take advantage of this spike in warehouse needs. With some retail companies closing up their mall stores and joining the e-commerce trend, warehouse demands will be higher than ever.