Essential Tips For Leasing Chiropractic Office Space

Every Space Is Different: Chiropractors Need A Unique Office Space


It should come as little surprise that not every office space is going to be right for chiropractors. But even if something feels or looks right, there can be problems only a seasoned real-estate expert will be aware of. So keep the following tips in mind when hunting for your next office:


Gross Square Footage vs. Net Square Footage

What do these terms mean, and why are they important? Gross square footage refers to the total square footage of a building. However, this term can be misleading, as it includes measurements that are both usable and non-usable by tenants. This is why you should ask landlords for the net square footage, which is the square footage of the space you are leasing, and would actually be using!


Some Office Spaces Have Tenant Improvement Arrangements

One of our biggest pieces of advice is to not get pushed into a lease agreement that doesn’t work for you and your business. Ask the landlord about the possibility for construction services to renovate the space so it can accommodate your specific needs. Most landlords will gladly work something out with you, so if someone doesn’t budge, move on to your next choice of office space guilt-free.


Macy Newman Has Access To Many Types Of Chiropractic Office Spaces

The market is currently great for leasing medical office space. Whether you’re about to open your practice, or are just interested in making an office switch, we can work together to find the perfect place for your business to thrive.