What To Look For In Your Dental Office Space

Even the most amateur business owner knows the mantra, “location, location, location” when it comes to the importance of real estate. Whether you’re opening your dental practice for the first time or making an office switch, there are critical questions to consider, the answers to which will determine how successful your venture will be. Just because there area lot of offices available, doesn’t mean you won’t get stuck with a lemon!

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Do you need a waiting room (if you don’t, we’re very curious as to why you don’t need one!)? What about different types of rooms for various procedures? The answers to these questions are important for figuring out how much square footage you actually need. If your office is too big, you’re probably paying too much for what you actually need, plus your practice will look like a ghost town. Too small, and your jammed office will resemble Times Square on NYE rather than a dentist’s office.

Which Dental Rooms Do You Not Need?

If you want to quickly rack up the cost of a space, add in unnecessary rooms. For example, how important is it for everyone on your staff to have their own private office and a staff lounge? A great way to save on costs is maximizing the use of your space and determining what you actually need and what you’ll really use. If you spend too much on your office space, you may not have enough money for what you really need.

Which Location For Your Dental Office Space?

Want your office to be cost-effective? Be amongst a prestigious crowd? Or strategically locate your practice next to a sugary Baskin Robins? This question is the most important one in terms of determining what kind of clientele you will attract and how much money you will ultimately make.

Macy Newman Has Access To Many Kinds Of Dental Offices

As you can see, not all dentists have the same needs and look for the same type of office. This is why when we work with clients, we always walk through leasing plans and budgets, and even do buildouts for office space customizations. In other words, we’re here to work for what you need.