Things to consider when you upgrading your office space

As a business owner or manager you may wonder what factors come into play when contemplating an office upgrade. The reality is that a timely office upgrade benefits a business in many different ways. Key among them is an improvement in employee morale, which in turn boosts productivity and the bottom line of an enterprise.

Designated Break Room

One of the most employee-friendly upgrades you can make at your office is to create a designated break room for your team. The break room should have basic items necessary to allow staff members the ability to eat a meal or have snack. These ite ms need not be anything complicated but should include things like a microwave and a refrigerator.

You will also want to ensure that the breakroom upgrade incorporates comfortable furniture. The breakroom will be the place your team congregates when they have scheduled time off during the day and you want to make sure that it is an inviting place.

Different Types of Workspaces

Another important consideration to bear in mind when contemplating an office upgrade is the creation of different types of workspaces. A forward-looking office includes dynamic workspaces of different types that include:

  • individual work areas
  • meeting rooms of different sizes
  • collaboration zones
  • social or break areas

Lockers for Team Members

Another upgrade you might want to consider for your team is the installation of individual personal lockers. The reality is that your employees bring personal items to work that they desire to have safely stowed. Your team members have lives outside of the office and many times have activities before and after work. Lockers provide them a secure, easily accessible space to place there personal property. As an aside, there exists a wide range of different types of lockers suitable for an office environment that are functional, economical, and attractive.

Ergonomically Appropriate Furniture

When considering an office upgrade you will also want to take a close look at the furniture. Yes, you will want functional and attractive furniture in your office. You also want to make sure that it incorporates appropriate ergonomic designs. This protects the health of your team. It also ensures that they have the most comfortable furniture to meet their work tasks.

Office Upgrades and Commercial Space for Lease

If you realize you need a more major upgrade, the time may have arrived when you need different office space. There are some factors you need to bear in mind when you are seeking a new commercial lease.
Of course, when considering entering in to a new lease, you have to make sure you are up to speed on the basics of the contract. These essential items include length term, rent and other costs and fees, and use restrictions.

In addition, if you are a business that anticipates future upgrades, or a business that will need to modify an existing space when you enterprise moves in, you must understand what the lease permits you to do in this regard. The reality is that some lease agreements are restrictive when it comes to alterations of the premises. Other lease contracts are more flexible in this regard. With that said, many of the more flexible options require a tenant to return the premises to its original condition upon moving out.

On a final note, there are lease agreements that allow for certain improvements to the premises and distribute cost between landlord and tenant. In other words, you may have in mind some premises upgrades that will benefit the landlord as well by improving the property more generally.

In the final analysis, by paying attention to these points when considering a commercial office upgrade, you will end up with a truly dynamic, functional workspace. In addition, your team will be happier, more content, and productive with a suitable designed, upgraded office. As a result, your business will enjoy an array of benefits.