Top 10 Things Employees Want in Their Office

Having a functional and pleasing commercial office space is about more than decoration. There are features, often small ones that can make or break your employees’ days. A recent survey asked workers all over the nation what they want in a workspace and the answers were surprising. If you are interested in increasing productivity, consider the following ten elements the next time you choose your commercial office space for rent or lease.

1. A work surface that works for them.
Desks are now more than a slab of wood with a monitor on the top. There are desks with ergonomic features and even sit-stand desks that allow employees to change positions. These can be more expensive than the old school desks, but they keep employees happier by allowing them to change position regularly and to arrange their workspace so it is most functional and productive for their needs.

2. Comfortable seating.
Your employees hopefully spend a lot of time in their seats working away. The design of the seat can affect their concentration and ultimately their flow. Investing in high quality, ergonomically correct seating will often pay for itself in productivity while improving morale at the same time.

3. Refreshments.
Tea, coffee, and other affordable refreshments make the day go faster and increase comfort. Even a small refreshment cart with a coffee maker and a jug of water can make a difference in how your employees perceive their work day.

A small kitchen is an important feature in any office space for rent. Even if this is not built in, there are several options for a small office coffee bar.

4. Basic cleanliness.
A dirty workspace is unprofessional, less functional, and can even lead to product loss. Workers need ways to keep their space tidy and uncluttered. A few tubs of cleaning wipes will allow your employees to keep the workplace up to their own standards. As a bonus, this can also reduce the spread of illness and the associated sick days.

5. Comfortably temperature.
Ebenezer Scrooge famously refused his workers coal to keep their office warm. This may save you a few bucks, but it will make you look stingy and suck morale out of any workplace. Accessibility to temperature control is an essential feature of any office space for rent.

6. Spaces for small meetings.
Collaboration and communication are the hallmark of modern good business practices. Don’t expect your employees to brainstorm standing up; provide small meeting spaces with comfortable seating, a whiteboard, and a shared table. Space for small, impromptu meetings can increase productivity and encourage cooperation, making it a top priority when looking at office space for rent.

7. Private restrooms.
Many people have hangups about using restrooms in which others can hear them do their business. Workers want privacy, not just visual but in terms of sound and smell as well. The next time you remodel or choose your commercial office space for rent or lease, take a closer look at these facilities.

8. User-friendly office equipment.
Are the printers, copiers, and scanners in your commercial office space always on the fritz? If so, you are needlessly frustrating employees and making it harder for them to do their jobs. An investment in good office equipment is an investment in your future profit as well as employee morale.

9. Natural light.
This is not just a matter of preference but a matter of health. We now know that regular exposure to natural light is important for productivity and energy levels as well. If your commercial office space does not have enough windows, consider installing “happy lamps” that are the same wavelength as bright sunlight.

10. Access to food.
Whether you have a vending machine or a nearby food truck, access to food is essential. This is true not just at lunchtime but throughout the day. No one works well when they are hungry.

Summary: Hiring and retaining talent is a crucial task for modern business owners. What exactly do your workers want in an office space? The answers from a new survey may surprise you.