Benefits of renting office space over co-working space

If you are in the process of selecting a place to work beyond a home office or similar setting, you may find yourself debating between selecting a co-working space or commercial office space for rent. There are some important differences between a co-working space and a commercial office. In addition, there are some key benefits associated with selecting a commercial office space.

A Space of Your Own

A key benefit associated with office space for rent Dallas is that you have a clearly demarcated space of your own. That is not typically the case in a co-working environment. By definition, a co-working space is a venue in which occupants share the space, and oftentimes rather closely.

Some co-working spaces do offer the ability to have a designated office within the venue. With that said, a designated office in a co-working space would be smaller than a traditional office space for rent Dallas. In addition, the cost of a private office within a co-working space will be higher than that associated with a traditional office, and typically by a significant amount.


Another of the primary benefits to be found in a traditional office not found in a co-working space is greater flexibility. If you elect to rent your own office you have the ability to set it up in a manner that makes the most sense for you.

In a co-working space, you have to accept everything from the furnishings to the lighting that are placed in the space. You have to conform your needs around the space as opposed to conforming an office in a manner to meet your needs.

Broader Location Options

Commercial office space is available in an array of locations in Dallas and in other cities. In other words, by renting a commercial office you have the ability to select a work location best suited to your needs. Co-working spaces are not nearly as plentiful as traditional offices.

Professional Image

If you are like most people you want a workspace that conveys a sense of professionalism. Another key benefit associated with an office space versus a co-working space is that an office generally conveys a broader sense of professionalism. There are some instances in which a co-working setting doesn’t work well depending on the type of work a person intends to undertake.

Less Hassle

A typical co-working space typically includes conference rooms and similar features. The same holds true for a standard office that is part of a commercial building. The distinction between the two types of venues is that competition for use of conference rooms tends to be more fierce in a co-working environment.

Because most people using a co-working space do not have private work areas, the must take advantage for conference room availabilities at a greater rate than is found in a traditional office environment. In a similar vein, many other accoutrements are easier to access in a commercial office building than is the case in a co-working space, another benefit of a traditional office.

In the final analysis, a co-working space can be a solid option for a person seeking a workspace. With that said, on a broader level, a traditional office generally has a more comprehensive set of benefits that end up outpacing those available in a co-working environment.

There exist a number of misconceptions about co-working spaces versus traditional office spaces. The reality is that there are a number of benefits associated with a standard office not found in a co-working space.